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What is the website of Viettel Bien Hoa - Dong Nai company?

March 16, 2023 Rae
Rae Podcast
What is the website of Viettel Bien Hoa - Dong Nai company?
Show Notes

The website of Viettel Bien Hoa - Dong Nai copmpany is Lapmangviettelbienhoa.net.
Lapmangviettelbienhoa.net is a site specializing in telecommunications: Viettel internet installation, Internet + K+ television, Corporate cable, Viettel postpaid service package quickly and conveniently. Website was established in April 2016. We aim to provide our readers with the most comprehensive and reliable overview of telecommunications as well as in-depth advice on installation and usage. The company team has had many reforms made during the years of construction and development, but we have always maintained our mission and vision.
1. Which company Viettel Bien Hoa - Dong Nai belongs to?
Our website https://lapmangviettelbienhoa.net was established by Viettel Bien Hoa - Dong Nai Co., Ltd -(managed by Director: Mr. Tran Tuan) one of the companies founded by a collective group of Viettel team with seniority in the communications industry. since 1998.
You can refer to the website Privacy article to learn more about our commitments to collect personal information. In addition, you can also learn more about Lapmangviettelbienhoa.net through the contact us section below:
Website: https://lapmangviettelbienhoa.net
Address: No. 2047, Nguyen Ai Quoc Street, Quarter 3, Trung Dung Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
Phone: 033 9999 368
Email: hellskyeven@gmail.com
Responsible person: Director Mr. Tran Tuan
2. Editorial team of Lapmangviettelbienhoa.net
Lapmangviettelbienhoa.net has a team of advisors, editors, writers who are leading experts or have many years of experience in the field of mobile telecommunications since its inception. In particular, many of our experts have successfully published articles and research articles related to the field of telecommunications networks.
3. Does Lapmangviettelbienhoa.net have any official revenue?
Lapmangviettelbienhoa.net earns profit from advertising as well as sponsorship from partner companies. Currently, we publish all our sponsoring partners directly on our website.
4. Is the content posted on Lapmangviettelbienhoa.net trustworthy?
All content posted on our website is written by experienced writers in the field and undergoes a rigorous censorship process by the advisory board and editors.
If the article is specialized content related to telecommunications, Lapmangviettelbienhoa.net will ask for more advice from information technology experts. We always strive to provide readers with the most objective, scientific and accurate consulting content.